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"superb tribute alternative to scam fender"

If Scam Fender are not available for your event.....'Sham Fender' are an absolutely superb alternative!!

The musical experience is identical other than there is a different lead singer, J instead of Stu. 


Stuart, the singer and MD of 'Scam Fender' uses only the finest rock musicians in the UK for his bands (The Kopycat Killers, Subarctic Monkeys, Scam Fender, Queen's Greatest Hits, Oasis 96). 

Over the past 5 years he has amassed a pool of 16 musicians who all know all of this music inside and out to the highest standard and who all perform regularly in all the bands above. 

Including all the Sam Fender songs.

When Stuart is unavailable for a 'Scam Fender' gig, then the incredible J takes over 

as 'Sam' 

J is fabulous and has been frontman of bands for years. A brilliant performer. 

So that's the only difference, J on vocals instead of Stuart. 

And we call it 'SHAM Fender' :) 

See the video above (in this instance with Jake, Nuno and Ally on guitar, drums and bass - who have all played many times with Scam Fender -to audiences of thousands). 

It's all to the same standard, the same instruments, tones, setlist, samples, the same show to the same standard. MD'ed and put together by Stuart of Kopycats 

Who has put together all of these bands. All to the highest standard

The Kopycat Killers - 

The Brightside Killers - 

Scam Fender - 

Sham Fender -

Subarctic Monkeys - 

Attic Monkeys -

Queen's Greatest Hits - 

Oasis 96 - - 

Kasabiain't - 

Kings of Indie Rock - 

'Sham Fender' are fronted by J, UK based 'Sam' who is a really experienced young performer, a superb indie vocalist and a consumate showman. So, really, it's just that - the musical experience is identical other than there is a different lead singer, - Jonny instead of Stu

'Sham Fender' is always backed by a SUPERB band of musicians all of which play for 'Scam Fender' at huge festivals and shows all over the UK. 


In order to do so they have been hand selected, trained, rehearsed and musically directed by Stu Rook (of The Kopycat Killers/Scam Fender/Sub-Arctic Monkeys/Queen's Greatest Hits/Oasis 96) to the highest standards. They then simply bring this attention to detail to your event. 

The whole 'Sham Fender' show uses the exact same arrangements, sounds and samples as that of 'Scam Fender' show.  


MEXBOROUGH BEER HALL - 1st  April 2023
PRIVATE EVENT -  5th May 2023

MANSFIELD CANVAS - 26th May 2023
PRIVATE EVENT - 2nd September 2023

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Other frontman options include :-



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